Who’s at the Table? Exploring Food and Body Using Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Join PATH in collaboration with IFS Nutritionist Diana Dugan Richards during four 2-hour workshops . We’ll collectively and individually explore:

Hunger (January 27, 2023 4-6p EST):

This workshop will begin the gentle inquiry of your hunger in a parts mapping experiential exercise. We’ll explore who’s hungry, what you’re hungry for, and how to identify when it’s time to eat!

  • Who’s at the Table in your inner world ….
  • How you identify hunger sensations ….
  • How does hunger impact your mood and energy?
Fullness (February 17, 2023 4-6p EST):

In this workshop, we’ll spend time defining fullness and satiety and our innate wisdom in knowing when to end the meal. In an experiential exercise, you’ll discover the parts of you at odds with each other around fullness and begin to develop a deeper understanding of their needs and what drives them to fulfill those needs.

  • What is fullness, satiety, satisfaction, and contentment?
  • How do you know when to end a meal?
  • How does fullness impact you?
Body Image (March 24, 2023 4-6p EST):

This workshop encourages exploration of the sensations in our body that affect how we see ourselves and expose the parts expressing those to our compassion. We’ll also see how body diversity is expected, and how we can learn to encourage and respect the variations we see.

  • Define and explore body image.
  • Staying with Sensation so we stop pushing emotions away.
  • Transforming internalized body loathing and shame into liking and accepting your body.
Burdens: Personal, Legacy, Cultural (April 28, 2023 4-6p EST)

In this experiential workshop, we’ll set out to discover:

  • How did we become disconnected from our core Self wisdom?
  • Mapping legacy burdens.
  • Offering healing.
Integration/Putting It All Together (May 26, 2023 4-6pm EST)

In this final workshop we will explore incorporating the learnings from the Hunger, Fullness, Body Image, and Cultural Burdens workshops. The challenge is what to do next with all this information. Well, get ready to meet the parts of you that hold the narrative and knowledge around these. Together, we will explore how parts of us who have developed definitive ideas and opinions about our body and how we should nourish it interact with each other, independently, as allies or in opposition, and invite them to become collaborative with you.

These workshops are presented in a cumulative flow and it’s beneficial to attend all four. Yet there’s wisdom in each one. We invite you to attend what you can.

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