Insights on the PATH to Addiction and Trauma Healing

Insight: the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding
  • Insight 1: I Am Self – The leader of my internal system whose presence is a compassionate and healing witness.
  • Insight 2: I Have Parts – I am open to the idea that they have differing needs.
  • Insight 3: We Live in a Body – A form through which I respectfully seek awareness and connection.
  • Insight 4: All Parts Are Welcome – I accept that they hold a positive intent
  • Insight 5: I Am More than my Behaviors – I am willing to examine their motives with an open heart
  • Insight 6: I Notice When Parts Become Activated – I am Self led and willing to speak for my parts
  • Insight 7: I Am Healing My Burdens – Which allows my parts to express their inherent gifts.
  • Insight 8: I Take Care of My System – I am continually present as a source of strength for my parts.

Our program is guided by INSIGHTS that can be Approached in any order.

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